AJADA is an open access, peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal, committed to high-quality output publications with an international audience seeking reliable information on alcohol and drug abuse.

The African Journal of Alcohol and Drug Abuse (AJADA) is a publication of the National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA). NACADA is a State Corporation established under the National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse Act, 2012 of the Laws of Kenya.

AJADA contributes to enlightening research discoveries in areas related to alcohol and drug abuse and publishes articles with a clear intention of delivering the vision of NACADA. The Journal is not only established to fulfil the mandate of NACADA but also offers credible information to the public while strengthening research development.

The journal is devoted to advancing global trends, contextual issues in Africa and beyond, practice, theoretical implications and policies useful in the management of alcohol and drug abuse.

Currently, AJADA is published bi-annually both online and in print. Submitted articles span a full spectrum of multidisciplinary practitioners and researchers with an interest in alcohol and drug abuse within the following thematic areas:

Prevention & Advocacy

Prevention strategies in learning institutions, families, communities and workplaces.


Strategies geared towards minimizing the supply of alcohol and drugs. This entails control mechanisms, regular surveillance and compliance to standards & regulations.

Policy & Legislation

Studies on national policies and legislation, comparative studies, effectiveness of policies & legislation, implementation processes, monitoring & evaluation, continuous reviews and policy briefings.

Treatment & Rehabilitation

Studies on evidence-based treatment models, substance use disorders & mental illnesses, clinical interventions including harm reduction, treatment for co-occurring disorders, community-based interventions, social re-integration and relapse prevention.

Education, Training & Capacity Building

Papers on education models, training & capacity building that aim at translating knowledge into action towards promoting effective prevention and mitigation strategies.


Studies on alcohol and drug abuse, evidence-based interventions & best practices, new frontiers in research, National Drug Observatory (NDO) experiences, case studies and operational survey findings on alcohol and drug abuse programming.

Partnerships and Community–Based Initiatives

Papers and discussions on best practices in resource mobilization on alcohol and drug abuse programs, multi-sectoral, multi-agency, multi-disciplinary collaborations, community-oriented systems and practices and role of CSOs and public entities in alcohol and drug abuse prevention.

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